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Imagine the best possible nightclub; tunes spun by an incredible DJ who just seems to “get” the room, it’s dark so you can lose yourself in the lights, and you’re surrounded by the best humans who are bringing high-energy vibes and pumping up the room. 

Now take that nightclub and pop a weight in your hand – that’s UNDRGRND Training. 


Every class is a party where you can immerse yourself in the moment, forget the outside world and let the music drown out all distracting and intrusive thoughts

member benefits

modern amenities & super swish beauty bar
Refreshing chilled & scented face towels
UNDRGRND Bar for smoothies or freshly made coffee
Exclusive events & member surprises
Sweat & Sparkling on Fridays - yep, sparkling after a sweat sesh!

Celebrate the weekend with a cheeky glass of complimentary sparkling wine after your Friday night class, after all it is the weekend right?


Our community is the heart and soul of everything we do. Keep an eye out for notifications about our latest exclusive member events.


Repeat after us - clean showers with excellent water pressure. Access to clean and premium bathroom facilities and a beauty bar.


Grab a cool face towel that smells like heaven at the end of your session. The absolute bliss of laying a cool and fresh towel on your face after you’ve kicked ass can’t be underestimated.


At the end of each session you can grab a smoothie to refuel and treat yourself. Trust us, they’re pretty good, you’re not going to want to miss these. Not a smoothie person? No worries we got you covered with a coffee.

what makes undrgrnd training different?

group training | group fitness classes | UNDRGRND Training

Cheerleaders without pom-poms

You’re part of the best hype crew, ready to cheer you on every step of the way, with no shortage of high fives its positive vibes all round. 

Group training | Group Fitness Classes | UNDRGRND Training

A community of mates

When we say the best humans we mean it. It’s a group class where people don’t just recognise your face, they know your name, and ask how your weekend was.

group training | group fitness classes | UNDRGRND Training

Serious FOMO

See real results & actually look forward to hitting a class – for real. Our classes are all about working hard without sacrificing the good times. 

2 people with sparkling wine | Group Fitness Classes | UNDRGRND Training

It’s about you

We’re not about the workout wear, the sexy social media shots, or telling you what your body should look like. We’re here to help you get strong, & have a damn good time doing it

You’re our ride or die

We’re invested in you & making sure you’re kicking some serious booty. This is about you, your goals, and (most importantly, how you feel when you leave your class

Group classes | Group Fitness Classes | UNDRGRND Training
Group classes | Group Fitness Classes | UNDRGRND Training

There are a lot of little things that we could list that stand us apart from the crowd, but our biggest difference is you. 

Man holding sparkling wine | Group Fitness Classes | UNDRGRND Training

Everyone is a warrior.

There’s no judgment or exclusivity. We’re open and accessible to all.

We work hard to create classes and spaces that you look forward to coming to, every single day, not just in the honeymoon period. 

We reward our members with surprises and extra perks – because who doesn’t want to drink champagne on a Friday?

And last, but not least – YOU make UNGRND Training the best. You join a community of rockstars who support, care and are full of high fives. Welcome to your hype squad.

Group talking | Group Fitness Classes | UNDRGRND Training


Jack Gates

After more than seven years in the fitness industry I was keen to work somewhere that valued members. So I built that space with Tim, a mate from footy. 

My vision has always been to create a space where the member and their experience is at the centre of everything. For me, UNDRGRND Training should always be the space you can’t wait to visit, and where you always leave with a smile on your (sweaty) face. 

Come closer, I’ve got a secret…I feel I could have been the secret sixth member of the Backstreet Boys. For real. 
If you happen to know the boys, could you slip in a good word about my skills 😜


Tim Peterson

In my more than seven years in the fitness industry I’ve always wanted to evolve and change the way people approach and view exercise. Just like my business partner and good mate jack, I’ve never felt comfortable focusing only on how people look and perform. I wanted to focus on how people feel, and what’s going on inside rather than outside.  

And we’ve done exactly that with UNDRGRND Training. But even better than that, we bought together a community of excellent humans who connect have heaps of fun, feel comfortable in their skin, and also happen to feel strong, not just look strong.

Did I mention that I am the proud holder of a local Pizza Hut record? When I was a bit younger I ate 21 pieces of pizza. Oh, and I have a bit of an obsession with scented candles, but we’ll keep that just between us 🤐

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